Importing really old Drupal 5 sites into Aegir

Thu 11th Aug 2011 -- admin

Recently we had to take over some old Drupal 5 sites and bring them into our Aegir hosting platform. We had a few problems getting it all running smoothly so though we'd detail the steps involved.

  • copy your doc root files to platforms/yoursite
  • make sure no path specific guff in .htaccess (shared hosting note suPHP_config_path)
  • chown all of the files to aegir:apache/aegir:www-data depending on whether it's a Debian or Red Hat based distro
  • create your database and import your database dump
  • run a database prefix stripper if needed and edit setting.php accordingly
  • edit,,, and enclose the description in double quotes
  • edit in your drush install and add if function_exist('node_types_rebuild') before the call to node_types_rebuild
  • if you've got any modules from - be sure to remove the 'information added from packaging script on' (there's a bash script floating around to do this)
  • change to handle non-array returns for $info (line 665)
  • change your sites/default to something meaningful so the platform verify picks it up
  • create your platform in aegir
  • if it all runs to plan your platform will verify and your site will be imported
  • run the verify task on the imported site
  • migrate your site to the latest drupal 5 build using aegir

Obviously the next step from here is to convince the client to upgrade it to Drupal 7 or at the very least Drupal 6.