SASS Mixin for jcarousel, works great with views

Sat 13th Aug 2011 -- Lee Rowlands

Displaying content using a carousel is a common design pattern, and with Drupal it's pretty easy to use views + jcarousel to whip up a carousel for displaying in blocks etc.
Jcarousel comes with some default skins (tango, ie and default) and whilst they're nice, they rarely fit the design you're working too. So as a result we commonly find ourself leaving the carousel skin as 'None' (in the view style output settings) and just adding in the css via the theme. It's also common to have a number of carousels on one site, each with different sized items and their own particular requirements.
And that's when it can get complicated, jcarousel's javascript requires some pretty specific css.
If you miss the item width or size, or don't setup the clip properly you'll be left with a carousel that just doesn't work. And if you've got several carousels, the maintenance burden for the css starts to build up.
Enter SASS, everyone's favourite css preprocessor.
We're happy to share out SASS mixin for horizontal-jcarousels - the code is pretty self explanatory:

* jcarousel mixin
* @author Lee Rowlands (
* @param $selector carousel selector)
* @param $carousel_width
* @param $carousel_height
* @param $carousel_padding
* @param $item_width
* @param $item_height
* @param $item_margin
* @param $button_width
* @param $button_height
* @param $button_image
* @param $button_top
* @param $button_left
* @param $button_right
* @param $button_left_position (background position)
* @param $button_right_position
* @param $button_left_position_hover
* @param $button_right_position_hover
* @param $button_left_position_disabled
* @param $button_right_position_disabled
@mixin horizontal-jcarousel($selector, $carousel_width: 960px,
  $carousel_height: 150px, $carousel_padding: 0 50px, $carousel_margin: auto,
  $item_width: 160px, $item_height: 160px, $item_margin: 0 10px,
  $button_width: 31px, $button_height: 71px,
  $button_image: url(../images/carousel.png), $button_top: 10px,
  $button_left: 42px, $button_right: 42px, $button_left_position: 0 -35px,
  $button_right_position: 0 -106px, $button_left_position_hover: 0 -35px,
  $button_right_position_hover: 0 -106px,
  $button_left_position_disabled: 0 -35px,
  $button_right_position_disabled: 0 -106px) {
  #{$selector} {
    .jcarousel-container-horizontal {
      width: $carousel_width;
      height: $carousel_height;
      padding: $carousel_padding;
      margin: $carousel_margin;
    .jcarousel-clip-horizontal {
      width: $carousel_width;
    .jcarousel-item {
      padding: 0;
      width: $item_width;
      height: $item_height;
      overflow: hidden;
      border: none;
      list-style: none;
    .jcarousel-item-horizontal {
      margin: $item_margin;
    .jcarousel-prev {
      display: block;
      width: $button_width;
      height: $button_height;
      background-image: $button_image;
     *  Horizontal Buttons
    .jcarousel-prev-horizontal {
      position: absolute;
      top: $button_top;
      left: $button_left;
      background-position: $button_left_position;
    .jcarousel-prev-horizontal:hover {
      background-position: $button_left_position_hover
    .jcarousel-prev-disabled-horizontal:active {
      cursor: default;
      background-position: $button_left_position_disabled     
    .jcarousel-next-horizontal {
      position: absolute;
      top: $button_top;
      right: $button_right;
      background-position: $button_right_position;
    .jcarousel-next-horizontal:hover {
      background-position: $button_right_position_hover;
    .jcarousel-next-disabled-horizontal:active {
      cursor: default;
      background-position: $button_right_position_disabled     

Then adding the necessary css is as simple as

@include horizontal-jcarousel(".view-ClientCarousel")

Be sure to setup some sensible defaults for the project, it's most likely that the button images won't change over a project - so you should setup your argument defaults to suit the given project.