What's happening with Drupal Yarns?

Mon 18th Jun 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

Just a quick update to all of those who were kind enough to participate in an interview with me during Drupal Downunder 2012 to explain what's happening with Drupal Yarns.

I've not forgotten you!

Things have changed considerably for Nick and myself, both of us have accepted permanent positions with PreviousNext, Australia's largest Drupal Firm. As a result Rowlands Group has effectively wound down all activities.

The move came suddenly and this has made it difficult for me to find time to edit and post the Yarns I recorded. Now that the carry-over Rowlands Group work has been completed I'm hoping to have more time to edit and post the remaining Yarns.

Thanks again to all who took part and keep an eye out for more posts appearing in late June and throughout July.

Lee Rowlands (larowlan).