Accessing user's Facebook Photos and Albums with Drupal

Sat 14th Jan 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

One of the options for SendMyPostcards.com is for users to choose from their Facebook Photos and Albums for the front of their postcard.

In this article I'll demonstrate how to use the Facebook Graph API from Drupal to access user's details from Facebook including, but not limited to, their albums and photos.

Getting Started

To get started you need the fbconnect module. The module has a fairly involved install process that includes:


SASS Mixin for jcarousel, works great with views

Sat 13th Aug 2011 -- Lee Rowlands

Displaying content using a carousel is a common design pattern, and with Drupal it's pretty easy to use views + jcarousel to whip up a carousel for displaying in blocks etc.


Importing really old Drupal 5 sites into Aegir

Thu 11th Aug 2011 -- admin

Recently we had to take over some old Drupal 5 sites and bring them into our Aegir hosting platform. We had a few problems getting it all running smoothly so though we'd detail the steps involved.

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