Baffle Retreat

Baffle Retreat B&B

Less than $5,000

Six weeks

About the client
Baffle Retreat B&B is a boutique Bed and Breakfast based on the banks of the Baffle Creek, 1/2 hour drive north of Bundaberg.

About the project
The client was seeking a stylish website to promote their soon to open luxury Bed and Breakfast. The brief was to let the retreat shine through so a large-format background was chosen with controls to allow the user to hide the content and view the images in detail.

Site features

  • Large format background that scales to suit the size of the user's browser
  • Custom zoom controls to allow the site-visitor to take in the retreat in it's full glory
  • Key site drivers (enquiry form and contact details) take pride of place to ensure emphasis
  • Stylish design to suit the client's brief
  • The whole site is powered by the Drupal content management system making it easy for the client to maintain the site

Visit the Baffle Retreat site.