Compressed Air Consulting and Supply Australia

Compressed Air Consulting and Supply Australia
7 weeks including 3 weeks of content loading

The Brief

The client was seeking an online store to sell and promote compressed air tools, air compressors, air filtering and drying equipment, air fittings and air hoses.

The client was happy to use an off-the-shelf theme with some minimal modifications

Drupal Developers

We were able to provide the e-commerce solution using a customised implementation of Drupal and Ubercart.

Several customisations were required, particularly with respect to the handling of products as follows:

  • Overriding price displays when multiple price options existed.
  • Overriding particular products to require the user to request a quote instead of adding the product to their cart. This 'request a quote' behaviour would then forward the user to a pre-completed enquiry form.
  • Overriding the default comment form to utilise it as an 'ask a question' utility.
  • Development of a unique shipping type for larger items. Once an order contained this item, the user could either ship via their freight company or request a detailed freight quote. If the user does not choose ship via their freight company then they have no choice other than to submit the order as a quote. Some of the items being sold weigh in the tonnes so in some cases freight costs could be considerable.

Australian Drupal Themer

The excellent ninesixtyrobots theme was chosen as the starting point for the site theming.

A custom color scheme was applied and the site header created to match the business and their logo.

The client requested that the Bernie's Bargains primary link be styled so as to stand out more on the page. As a result a simple jQuery animation that finished with the application of a sale tag via a background-image was created.

Next steps