Custom application development

There comes a time in the development of a business where off-the-shelf software packages no longer suit your needs or are creating more work than they save.

This is where a custom application can save you time and money.

A custom application built specifically to the way you do business can improve your business systems and help you attract and retain customers.

The process

The process to develop your custom application is not as painful as you might expect. The general steps involved are:

  1. We come to your place and business to discuss your needs and view your existing systems in place.
  2. We provide a no-obligation quote with a rough scope as to what the system will provide and how we feel it will improve your business processes.
  3. You advise us to proceed with the project.
  4. In stage 1 of the project we built up a comprehensive specification including interface design and screen shots. This process is not dissimilar to the development of a set of plans during the construction of a house.
  5. With your input we refine the specification to develop the approved scope and guidelines.
  6. We proceed with the development of the first evaluation release.
  7. You provide us with feedback on the evaluation release.
  8. We refine the application based on your feedback.
  9. Steps 7 and 8 may repeat.
  10. A comprehensive warranty period starts as you transition to your new system.
  11. You reap the benefit of an application tailored to your business needs.

Next steps