The Door Keeper

The Door Keeper Bundaberg
Two months including three weeks of content loading

The Brief

The client was looking to promote their range of Bundaberg and Wide Bay Doors including Pivot Doors, Hinged Doors, French Doors, Custom pre-hung frames and Stainless steel pull handles further via an upgrade to their website.

They wanted clients to be able to design a custom entrance using their website with a price estimate as they felt this was the best way to convey their large range of door options.

Drupal Developers

The website created was powered by the Drupal content management system.

This means the client is easily able to maintain their own website, update images, update prices, add new categories etc.

Drupal customisation

The category/product structure of the site is powered by a custom module built largely on the excellent Ubercart catalog module (uc_catalog) with customisation to remove the dependencies on the other Ubercart modules and extension to theme the footer sitemap/catalog structure, product landing page and product categories in line with the developed site design.

Drupal Themers

The site is powered by a custom theme based on the excellent 960 grid CSS Framework and the Framework base theme. The theme was developed through our standard site design process including:

  • Competitive analysis to determine the style of site the client favoured.
  • Development of a wireframe layout to catalog what type of information is required on each page, where it should be placed and the balance between content and whitespace
  • Development of design composites to ensure color schemes and images are appropriate
  • Translation of all of this into a functional Drupal theme

Extensive work was carried out on the theming of products, particularly those with glass options. The user is able to click on a glass swatch and see how it looks inside their selected door.

Again the client controls which glass options are available with which door and what price each option is.

Online entrance creator

One of the largest components of the site is the online entrance creator. An Ajax application that allows the user to build up their preferred entrance by selecting their options, doors, sidelights, glass colours, handles and frame from a gallery of thumbnails. They can instantly see how each door looks with each sidelight and how each glass colour changes the design. At the end the user can get an estimate of the price to build this frame and can share the created frame with their friends via email or submit it to the store for a firm quote.

EXT Javascript Framework Developers

The entire creator is powered by the EXT Javascript Framework with the client-side stores and views served by data maintained by the client and also used throughout the site. This means they only need maintain one set of data for two purposes. All this is of-course held together by further Drupal customisation in the form of a custom module.

Next steps