Farm management, picking and despatch software


Ironbark Cirtus & Grapes

$5,000 - $6,000

Two to Three months.


Due to a small number of concurrent users and in an interest to minimise costs, the application was developed using Microsoft Access®. This enabled the client to utilise their existing IT infrastructure investments. In addition the familiar Microsoft Office® interface allows users to quickly apply their existing computer skills. 


The required functionality was as follows:

Customer details

Enter and maintain customer details such as name, address, contact, billing and delivery details. View customer order and despatch history.

Staff details

Enter and maintain packer and packer details such as name, address, contact and recruitment source details. Generate packer and picker pay amounts, view history of picker and packer work performed and payments received.

Product details

Enter and maintain details of product details such as variety, pack type, count, class/brand and prices. View packing, order and despatch history for each product variety/type.

Order details

Enter and maintain customer order details. Print order sheets for staff to tally while loading.

Picking details

Enter picking summary details against each variety, location and picker. View picking history for each variety, location and picker.

Packing details

Enter packing tally details against pallet, count, packer, variety, label and class. View packing tally histories for each packer, class, count, variety, label and class.

Loading and despatch details

Record details of boxes and pallets despatched by brand and count. Generate despatch advice to print/fax to customer. Despatch advice to include customer details, despatch date, carrier details as well as variety, pallet and count details.

Invoicing details

Generate invoice details for customers based on received and despatched orders.