Four Way Kennels Dog Motel


Four Way Kennels Dog Motel


Three weeks

An online presence

Bundaberg Boarding Kennels, Four Way Kennels Dog Motel, are one of Bundaberg's most trusted destinations for the care of your beloved pet while you are on holidays. With more and more people turning to the internet to conduct research before making purchases, the boarding kennels were looking for an online presence to promote their reputation and allow potential customers to take an online tour of their facilities with.

Ease of maintenance

The boarding kennels were looking for a professional site with a friendly and easy-going look to match their approach to dealing with their customers (and their pets!). In addition they were seeking a site that was easy to update and easy to navigate.

Bundaberg Web Designers

We were able to develop a clean and fun design to their site focusing on their existing cartoon logo and back it with the powerful and unobtrusive content management system Drupal. The design was developed through several iterations, examples of each can be seen below.

Design Process

The original concept included the cartoon dog hanging over a fence with a sign mimicking the iconic 'Welcome To Las Vegas' sign. The color schemes and shapes were styled on 1950's/60's style Bewitched/Flinstones graphics. In the second design, the part dog on the fence was replaced with the full dog as the client did not wish to only use part of their logo. Subsequent designs focussed on removing emphasis on the Las Vegas sign and changing color schemes. The final scheme removed the Las Vegas style sign in favour of a simpler heading with more emphasis on the business name.

Australian Drupal Custom Themers

Several custom Drupal theme enhancements were performed, especially with regard to image support.

Australian Drupal Consultants

The Drupal installation makes use of the CCK, Views and Panels modules to provide the front page view. This enables the client to maintain any element of the front page, including images and text, using the familiar What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) of the Drupal system.