Golden Palms Motor Inn

Golden Palms Motor Inn
One month

The Brief

The client Golden Palms Motor Inn, a Bundaberg motel had recently renovated much of their premises including new signage, refurbishment of rooms and extensive landscaping. They were keen to expand their reach to a wider demographic and communicate the strengths of their newly-renovated motel.

The Golden Palms Motor Inn wanted to show-off the interior of their newly renovated rooms to potential clients and felt the internet was the ideal medium.

Ease of maintenance

The Golden Palms Motor Inn were looking for a site that was easy to maintain and also allowed users the ability to securely make a booking online using Paypal®. Again the Drupal Content Management System was the natural choice.

An elegant look

The client was seeking a custom Drupal theme to match their recent renovations.

The renovations had seen the premises painted in a Royal Blue and Gold colours and these became the natural starting points for the theme.

We presented the client with our design concept that was based around a watermark of a golden cane palm, a royal blue and gold colour scheme and rounded boxes with gradient fills. The first composite of the design was adopted and we then proceeded to build the custom Drupal theme.

Australian Drupal Themer

The custom theme was built using the 960 Grid Framework allowing for a table-less layout. Images were floated to the left or right of text with contrasting font-colors and sizes emphasizing key aspects of the page.

Custom content-type output.

Custom fields were created for the rooms to allow for pricing and room options. The theme outputs the room options in two distinct forms depending on whether the room is being displayed in a teaser (as per the front page) or in a page view. Custom icons were created for each room option emphasizing a Web 2.0 look.

Teaser lists were used to link related pages with teasers output in a rounded box with a gradient fill and image thumbnails. The contrast of the gold text on the royal blue gradient helped draw the users' eye.

The theme outputs the booking search results with each room wrapped in a rounded-rectangle and includes clean looking availability calendars and pricing details.

Australian Drupal Consultants

The booking engine is powered by a custom module built in conjunction with Will Vincent. The module extends the Ubercart shopping cart module to define its own product types (the room types) and cart actions. The Ubercart module is extensible by design and the custom motel/hotel booking module utilizes the hook functions made available by Ubercart.

The developed module is in the process of having internationalization and greater theming support added and then will be released as an Ubercart contributed module on the Ubercart website

Scrolling front-page images

The scrolling front-page images are powered by javascript alone, no Flash, thanks to the jquery cycle plugin. The plugin is initialized by the jquery_slideshow module, a lightweight Drupal module that provides a custom image field formatter to create a scrolling slideshow. When the work on the Golden Palms Motor Inn site began, the module was not yet available for Drupal 6. During the process of building the Golden Palms Motor Inn website, we ported the module to Drupal 6 and the module maintainer released our port as the version 6 release. We intend to provide ongoing support for the module by helping the maintainer with the issues queue.

Google Map Integration

One of the strengths of the Golden Palms Motor Inn is their proximity to many of Bundaberg's key attractions and services. The client pointed out that they receive regular enquiries as to the distance they are from various attractions. We suggested that perhaps a Google Map of their locality with custom markers for each of Bundaberg's attractions would help illustrate their centrality.

The created map clearly illustrates that they are one of the most conveniently located of the many Bundaberg motels.

Next steps