Ironbark Citrus


Ironbark Citrus and Grapes


2-3 weeks

A fresh look

Ironbark Citrus and Grapes were looking for a fresh look for their website. Their current website was old and difficult to update. As a result some of the content was over three years out of date.

Ease of maintenance

Ironbark Citrus and Grapes were looking for a professional site with a look to match their new letterhead that was easy to update. Their existing site had content repeated in several places. Each instance of the content needed to be updated separately. The net result was a site that had large amounts of outdated content.

Australian Drupal Consultants

We were able to replace their existing unwieldy site with an efficient content management system that meant they could easily update multiple pages on their site with minimal effort.

The chosen solution was the Drupal content management system.

Australian Custom Drupal Themer

The client provided a copy of their new letterhead and a brief of the look they were after. Our expert Drupal theming skills meant we were able to give them the professional look they were after in conjunction with the ease of maintenance provided by the Drupal content management system.

Several theme enhancements were performed, especially with regard to image support.

Drupal customisation

The Drupal installation makes extensive use of the CCK and Views modules to provide various different displays of the data related to each of their products. Eg The currently available and season estimates views.

Other modules utilised include: