Warburton Caravans

Warburton Caravans
8 weeks

The Brief

The client was seeking a new look and an update to the functionality of their existing website which was manually maintained by a programmer

The brief was to create a functional, modern website with an online store that was easy for the client to maintain themselves

The site needed to feature their range of new Jayco caravans,
second hand caravans, caravan parts and caravan servicing and repairs. ="http:>

Drupal Developers

We were able to provide the new website using a customised implementation of Drupal and Ubercart.

Several customisations were required, particularly with respect to the handling of the new Jayco caravan pages. These pages were traditionally served via frames from the Jayco corporate website. Along with being bad for search engine results and users, the client felt this made their site feel like an extension of the Jayco site. The Drupal solution we developed allowed the client to download the content of the Jayco pages, including creating local versions of any images and then edit these pages to suit using a full-featured WYSIWYG editor. The content was then output in line with their site theme to continue the individual branding of their business. Being able to edit the Jayco pages while editing their site (using the same easy to use framework Drupal is renowned for) meant they could also apply some search engine optimisation techniques and inject content relevant to their particular market.

Custom Drupal Modules

In order to provide this functionality several custom modules were created as follows:

  • Node panes: to enable the site maintainer to create and enter page content in panes (see Jayco Sterling Series caravans)
  • TNT Shipping: a custom module to fetch shipping quotes from the TNT Express (tntexpress.com.au) rapid transit times XML Web service. This module will be released on drupal.org soon.
  • Additional conditional actions: a custom module defining additional conditions to filter online store orders by postcode ranges and order volume. This module will be released on drupal.org soon.

Australian Drupal Themer

A custom theme was created to reflect the uniqueness of the client's business. The main brief here was to distinguish their site from the corporate Jayco site. As many Jayco dealer's website featured framed content from the Jayco corporate site, many of their sites appear to be an extension of Jayco. The theme designed clearly distinguishes the client's dealership from other Jayco dealers.

Next steps