Drupal developers

What is Drupal?

From the Drupal website

Drupal is an open source content management platform licensed under the GPL. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal can support a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs, corporate brochures and large community-driven websites.

A great analogy of Drupal can be found in The Drupal overview, in this article the comparison is made that Drupal is to building websites what Lego is to the world of toys - using Drupal you can build almost any website by combining and configuring various modules to suit your particular needs. Sometimes you may come across a function or feature that isn't available in existing Drupal modules and that is when you need a Drupal module developer.

Our Drupal Credentials

Rowlands Group was started by Lee Rowlands (larowlan). Although we are based out of Moore Park Beach, Queensland we service clients worldwide. Our key strengths are

  • Custom Drupal module development
  • Custom Ubercart feature development and intergration including
    • Building unique customer experiences and interfaces.
    • Building custom shipping and checkout modules.
    • Building modules to interact with existing POS systems (see Tackle World Bundaberg)
    • Building custom payment integration.
    • Selling non standard content (eg not just Ubercart products).
  • Custom theming and design to theme services
  • Project rescue/first-aid
  • Full site build and deployment
  • Building and deploying travel marketing sites and booking portals

We offer competitive pricing and stand behind the products we deliver.

Why work with us

  • Quality code - we code to Drupal coding standards and subject all of our code to a coder review
  • Security focussed - we code with security in mind
  • Peace of mind - we offer a comprehensive maintenance period so you can rest assured if issues crop up (referees available)
  • Regular feedback - we like to keep the communication open and regular as it is the key to a successful project
  • Flexible intellectual property - we're open with regards to IP
  • Community minded - we advocate contributing custom modules back when the need exists
  • Rich user interfaces - we love rich interfaces and always favour cool features over boring bits. So that means lots of visual effects and AJAX/AHAH wherever appropriate.
  • Ubercart and Drupal Commerce gurus - we love getting out hands dirty with Ubercart and Drupal Commerce
  • Tight integration - we design sites and modules to leverage the existing contrib modules you know and love
  • Themer friendly - no markup in code is our mantra so theme functions and templates abound in our custom modules.
  • No module/core hacks - say no more
  • Multi-locale/language/currency focussed - the internet knows no boundaries, neither should your site/module.

Feel free to checkout my user profile on Drupal.org to see some of the projects I've been involved in and the contributed modules I actively maintain