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Ivan Zugec (Ivan Zugec)

In this episode we chat with Ivan Zugec at Drupal Down Under 2012 about his favourite bits of Drupal.
Ivan has been using Drupal for around 5 years, coming to Drupal looking for an ecommerce solution back in the 4.6 days. He gave ecommerce a try but couldn't get it to work. Around the same time he needed a CMS solution that provided clean-urls for a client and at that time, Drupal was...

Bevan Rudge (bevan)

We talk with Bevan about his experiences at Drupal Downunder 2012.
Bevan discusses his highlights of Drupal Down Under.
Bevan discusses his transition from web-designer (or in his words wannabe-designer!) to the technical side of building the web.
Having worked with Drupal for 6 years Bevan is a Drupal veteran in Australia and New Zealand.
We discuss the growth...

Simon Hobbs (sime)

In this episode we catch up with Simon Hobbs (sime).
Simon is quite well known in the Australian Drupal community.
Simon talks about the early days of Drupal in Australia with the beginnings of the meetups in Melbourne.
We talk about Simon's experiences running his own company and his transition to working for Peregrine Adventures.
We discuss updating sites from Drupal...

Miguel Jacq (mig5) on the Ægir project

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with Miguel Jacq (mig5) one of the maintainers of the Ægir hosting platform.
We discuss how mig5 came to work on the Ægir project covering his initial discovery of the project from a need to automate upgrades through to submitting numerous patches which ultimately resulted in the maintainers giving him commit access.
We talk about the...

Ryan Cross (rcross) on his Drupal Story

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with one of Australia's two nominees for the Drupal Association at-large Directors - Ryan Cross (rcross) (view the nomination).

We featured the other nominee (Donna)...

Donna Benjamin (KatteKrab) on broadening Drupal adoption

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we talk with Donna Benjamin (KatteKrab) about the success of Drupal Downunder and various other Australian Drupal issues.

Donna Benjamin is the co-...

Gordon Heydon (gordon) on hook_form_alter, wysiwyg and ecommerce

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with one of Australia's first Drupal Developers - Gordon Heydon.

Gordon talks about the origins of hook_form_alter, which began with a patch he wrote in Drupal 4.7 (originally called hook_form_change) in order to facilitate wysiwyg editors in Drupal 4.7 after the demise of Drupal 4.6's hook_textarea.

Gordon talks about how...

Brian Gilbert (realityloop) on building a Drupal community

Brian Gilbert talks about how he came to Drupal from his beginnings as an early adopter of the web.

Starting as a static page Web Developer Brian quickly moved to using Cold Fusion in the late 90's. Brian then made the move from Closed to Open Source technologies to get away from the large licensing business. This is when Brian found Drupal.

Brian discusses his contributions to...

Nick Schuch on discovering Drupal

Nick Schuch is relatively new to Drupal, having started with Rowlands Group in September 2011.
Nick was the ideal guinea pig for our inaugural Drupal Yarn.
Drupal Yarns is a new podcast focussing on Drupal from an Australian and New Zealand perspective.
During Drupal Down Under 2012 (Jan 13th - 16th) Rowlands Group plan to record informal chats, colloquially known as a yarn...

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