Gordon Heydon (gordon) on hook_form_alter, wysiwyg and ecommerce

Tue 24th Jan 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with one of Australia's first Drupal Developers - Gordon Heydon.

Gordon talks about the origins of hook_form_alter, which began with a patch he wrote in Drupal 4.7 (originally called hook_form_change) in order to facilitate wysiwyg editors in Drupal 4.7 after the demise of Drupal 4.6's hook_textarea.

Gordon talks about how hook_form_alter paved the way for the mantra of 'don't hack core' and how the patch opened the door for much of Drupal's flexibility as we know it.

We discuss with Gordon the fact that all this time later we're still trying to get wysiwyg support in core and the challenges associated with that.

After that Gordon talks about the future of the Ecommerce module and how it differs from Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.