Nick Schuch on discovering Drupal

Sat 14th Jan 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

Nick Schuch is relatively new to Drupal, having started with Rowlands Group in September 2011.
Nick was the ideal guinea pig for our inaugural Drupal Yarn.
Drupal Yarns is a new podcast focussing on Drupal from an Australian and New Zealand perspective.
During Drupal Down Under 2012 (Jan 13th - 16th) Rowlands Group plan to record informal chats, colloquially known as a yarn in the Aussie nomenclature, with prominent members of the Australian/New Zealand Drupal Community.
In order to prepare our site, test our technology and to celebrate the re-launch of our site on Drupal 7 we though Nick would make an ideal interviewee.
In this yarn we discuss Nick's background and how he's gone coming to Drupal as an experienced php developer.
Nick talks about what he likes most about Drupal and what he's working on in his spare time.
We hope you enjoy the first Drupal Yarn, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep abreast of the latest issues. We hope to release one per fortnight for most of 2012.