Miguel Jacq (mig5) on the Ægir project

Wed 15th Feb 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with Miguel Jacq (mig5) one of the maintainers of the Ægir hosting platform.
We discuss how mig5 came to work on the Ægir project covering his initial discovery of the project from a need to automate upgrades through to submitting numerous patches which ultimately resulted in the maintainers giving him commit access.
We talk about the origins of the Ægir project and the future directions of the project, in particular some of the new features available in the Ægir contrib space.
Finally we talk about Miguel's consulting company mig5.net and the niche he's found for sysadmin with a Drupal flavour.
Edit: Audio player is now working again - thanks for those who left a comment/notified us - we'd done some migration and hadn't updated the jplayer config to reflect the new path.



Submitted by juliangb on

For me, the buttons on the player don't do anything - but the direct link to the mp3 works!

Submitted by fenstrat on

Really been enjoying this Aussie slant on Drupal in these yarns, keep up the great work!

Also, jplayer isn't working here on Ubuntu in Firefox or Chrome, appears it could be the same on Mac http://drupal.org/node/1289016

Lee Rowlands's picture
Submitted by Lee Rowlands on

Thanks, sorted player issues, we migrated the site and hadn't updated some config to match

Submitted by anon on

loving the podcasts, but for the love of god, can you please not record them in a coffee shop (or wherever you are doing them), it is nearly impossible to hear the entire interview with all of the background noise!

Lee Rowlands's picture
Submitted by Lee Rowlands on

Hi, we're recording them on an Android phone - many of them were done in downtime between sessions at Drupal Downunder 2012 - hence the background noise. We've been using Audacity for noise removal but there are limits to it's magic. New interviews are being conducted one on one in a more fitting environment.
Thanks for the feedback!

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