Ryan Cross (rcross) on his Drupal Story

Tue 7th Feb 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with one of Australia's two nominees for the Drupal Association at-large Directors - Ryan Cross (rcross) (view the nomination).

We featured the other nominee (Donna) in our last episode.

In this episode we talk to Ryan about his background and how he came to be heavily involved in the Drupal project and Australian communities.

We talk about his work with Cross Functional, a Drupal shop based out of Sydney Australia and the type of work they're doing with Drupal at the moment.

Completing the circle we talk to Ryan about the future of Drupal and what he's most looking forward to in Drupal 8. Ryan talks about the WSSCI initiative and what it will mean for Drupal and the kinds of projects that Drupal will empower.

If you haven't voted yet, head over to the Drupal association site and vote before the 8th of February deadline.