Ivan Zugec (Ivan Zugec)

Tue 19th Jun 2012 -- Lee Rowlands

In this episode we chat with Ivan Zugec at Drupal Down Under 2012 about his favourite bits of Drupal.
Ivan has been using Drupal for around 5 years, coming to Drupal looking for an ecommerce solution back in the 4.6 days. He gave ecommerce a try but couldn't get it to work. Around the same time he needed a CMS solution that provided clean-urls for a client and at that time, Drupal was the only open-source product providing that at no cost.
We discuss Ivan's contributions to the search API, in particular the search api pages. We discuss the percurliarities of search in Drupal and the fact that nearly every client wants a differnt search solution. We discuss how search api allows you to create your search pages using views and the flexibility this provides.
We discuss Drupal 8 and the advantages of a standardized exportable api that will be provided by the configuration management initiative.

Note since recording this podcast Ivan is no longer working on the Search API Pages module.